Jono Sanders


We designed and built a fresh bean pasta maker to easily provide a protein rich meal alternative.

Role: Product Designer

Skills: User Research, Industrial Design (Rhino / Fusion 360)


Pasta is a popular dish but an unhealthy one. A high protein, low carb option is bean pasta, which offers a filling meal that also caters to the 'vegetarian inclined' population looking for meat alternatives.


After identifying various appealing market segments to target, we focused on millenials, particularly ones that place a high value on healthy food.

There is a huge market for appliances - over $500 million for cooking appliances alone. In the coming years millenials will drive further growth in this category.
Existing products make it easy to make pasta at home, but a customer has to compromise on either ease or cost.


Presta is a fresh pasta maker that kneads and extrudes raw pasta. The device combines flour, oil and water, pre-sold in a sealed pouch, to create a protein rich meal. No clean-up is required and the portion pouches are recyclable.