Jono Sanders


We researched and built a solution to increase encouragement and office morale in the form of a physical slackbot / messenging robot.

University of Pennsylvnia I-Corp (NSF) Participant 2016

Role: Lead engineer

Skills: User Research, Python, Heroku


As companies grow and teams get bigger and busier, it becomes extremely hard for team members to find the time to casually interact on a daily basis without being distracting to others and for managers to find the time to recognize their team members.


We conducted customer interview with over 30 companies. Through our research we found that medium to large companies have more people to coordinate than small businesses and would have the most to benefit from Cobi. Currently there are 1.5 Million medium to large offices in the US, and we want to help these companies improve the engagement among their teams.


Cobi, an office robot, brings play into the office by making team celebrations and daily interactions easier to coordinate. Cobi talks to teams through office chats and connects with them through lights and sounds in a cute and light hearted manner.